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Lost In Music (1984)
Lost in music
single by Sister Sledge
B-side "Smile"
Released 1984
Format 7" 12"
Recorded 1979/1984
Genre Pop, Disco
Length 3:27 (7") 6:41 (12")
Label Atlantic Records

Nile Rodgers,

Bernard Edwards

12" reverse cover
Lost in music back duran duran
featuring Simon Le Bon and Andy Taylor

"Lost In Music" (1984) is a single by Sister Sledge, originally released in 1979 and re-released by Atlantic Records in 1984 featuring Simon Le Bon and Andy Taylor.

About the song[]

The song was written and produced by Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards, who also both performed on the track with drummer Tony Thompson. All three would later be involved with the Power Station project.

The song was originally released as a single taken from Sister Sledge's album We Are Family in 1979, with a re-release issued in September 1984 which peaked at no.4 on the UK charts. The re-release included a 12" Special 1984 Nile Rodgers Remix version featuring Simon Le Bon and Andy Taylor singing backing vocals on one line - "melody is good to me". The 1984 version was recorded at the Maison Rouge studios in South West London during the end of July, when Duran Duran were recording "The Wild Boys" in the next studio.

Track listings[]

7" 799 718-7[]

  1. "Lost In Music"
  2. "Smile"

12" B 9718 (T)[]

  1. "Lost In Music" - Special 1984 Nile Rodgers remix
  2. "Smile"


Sister Sledge are:

  • Kathy Sledge - Vocals
  • Debbie Sledge - Vocals
  • Joni Sledge - Vocals
  • Kim Sledge - Vocals