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Live on Stage 2011: Volume 3
Live on stage duran duran romanduran livefan vol.3 2011.jpg
live compilation DVD
Released 2011
Recorded 2011
Genre Pop
Length 8 tracks
Label unofficial
Producer(s) Livefan
reverse cover
Live on stage duran duran romanduran livefan vol.3.jpg
Star 101.3 Radio show
Loose Women

Live on Stage 2011: Volume 3 is an unofficial Duran Duran 8-track live compilation DVD, released in 2011.

About the DVD[]

The DVD is a collection of live Duran Duran 2011 performances, from various concerts and television shows staged around the world.

The compilation includes tracks from the Star 101.3 Radio show, an acoustic performance by Simon Le Bon, John Taylor, Dominic Brown and Anna Ross. The event was presented by San Francisco based Star 101.3 Radio, held in the Bleu Room at the W Hotel, 181 3rd Street in San Francisco, CA (USA) on 16 April 2011 (same day as the Fillmore Theatre show).

Also featured is the first ever television presentation of "All You Need Is Now", broadcast during the Loose Women show on 17 December 2010.

Live on Stage 2011: Volume 3 is credited with production by Livefan and Romanduran, a creative partnership that's released a substantial amount of Duran Duran 2011 audio bootlegs.

Track listing[]

01. Loose Women Show

02. Super Bowl Fan Jam

03. Alan Carr Show

04. Alice Radio Concert

05. National Lottery Show

06. Simona Ventura Show

07. Star 101.3 Concert (acoustic)

08. Bonus Tracks


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  • DVD edited & authored by Livefan
  • Cover sleeve by Romanduran