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Live from London
Live from london europe wikipediaDVD · COMING HOME STUDIOS · EU · CHS10031 duran duran album videoLive from london europe wikipediaDVD · COMING HOME STUDIOS · EU · CHS10031 duran duran album video 1
video by Duran Duran
Released 7 November 2005
Recorded April 2004
Format DVD
Genre New wave, synthpop
Length 20 tracks
Label Coming Home Studios
Director Lawrence Jordan
Producer Duran Duran
Duran Duran

Live from London is a concert video by Duran Duran released by Coming Home Studios on 7 November 2005.

About the video[]

The video was filmed during the last two of five sold out nights at London's Wembley Arena in April 2004. Held during The Reunion Tour, the shows featured the original five band members of Duran Duran.

This is Duran Duran's first DVD release since Greatest in 2003 and their first concert film since 1984's Arena (An Absurd Notion).

The concert features hits from their 25-year catalogue, together with live versions of the singles from their 2004 studio album Astronaut. The band were joined onstage by saxophonist Andy Hamilton and backing vocalist Sarah Brown.

Live from London is sold as a single-DVD set and also as a Deluxe DVD+CD box set, which features 20 songs on the DVD and 10 songs on the CD. Bonus features in the Deluxe set include a tour documentary directed by Gavin Elder (different to Live At Wembley 2004 documentary), 3D viewing (glasses included), multi-angled viewing options, photo gallery, song commentaries, interviews, and behind the scenes footage.

The concert was directed by Lawrence Jordan for Coming Home Studios, and filmed using twenty-eight cameras. The DVD is presented in a high-definition 16x9 widescreen format, and the audio options include SRS 5.1 Circle Surround Sound, and 5.1 DTS.

The stage backdrops include a Psycho-movie inspired shower scene featuring Liz Hurley used during "A View to a Kill". There was also a Manga anime created by Fumio Obata (main illustrator) with contributions from Gary Oldknow, shown whilst "Careless Memories" was performed.

Track listing[]

  1. "(Reach Up for The) Sunrise"
  2. "Hungry Like the Wolf"
  3. "Is There Something I Should Know?"
  4. "Union of the Snake"
  5. "Come Undone"
  6. "A View to a Kill"
  7. "What Happens Tomorrow"
  8. "The Chauffeur"
  9. "Planet Earth"
  10. "I Don't Want Your Love"
  11. "New Religion"
  12. "Ordinary World"
  13. "Night Boat"
  14. "Save A Prayer"
  15. "Notorious"
  16. "The Reflex"
  17. "Careless Memories"
  18. "The Wild Boys"
  19. "Girls on Film"
  20. "Rio"

Bonus CD with Deluxe Edition:

  1. "(Reach Up for The) Sunrise"
  2. "Hungry Like the Wolf"
  3. "Planet Earth"
  4. "Ordinary World"
  5. "Save A Prayer"
  6. "Notorious"
  7. "Careless Memories"
  8. "The Wild Boys"
  9. "Girls on Film"
  10. "Rio"




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