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Live Earth
Background information
Location London (UK)
Founded by Al Gore
Kevin Wall
Date 7 July 2007
Genre various
Websites Live Earth UK Site
Duran Duran - Live Earth London
Global Warming Concert

The Live Earth concert in the United Kingdom was held at Wembley Stadium, London, England on 7 July 2007 and featured Duran Duran. Artists from around the world performed in an effort to combat global warming, which was aired to a world wide audience of nearly 2 billion people.

In order of appearance[]


In Britain, the BBC provided live television coverage of the show on BBC Two, followed by BBC One later on, BBC Radio 1, and BBC HD. The television coverage was presented by Jonathan Ross (who was joined in the studio by various celebrity attendees throughout the day), with Graham Norton and Edith Bowman backstage. Coverage commenced at 1:00PM BST on BBC Two and concluded at 5:20PM continuing on BBC One at 5:30PM.

In Ireland, RTÉ Two provided live coverage starting from 12:30PM until 7:00PM, and then again from 9:30PM until 6:00AM the following morning.

In Canada, CTVglobemedia provided uninterrupted live television coverage of the show on MuchMoreMusic. Highlights of the show were featured on CTV throughout the day.