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Live At Birmingham '87
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unofficial live album
Venue NEC Arena, Birmingham,
UK Union-jack2
Recorded 15 May 1987
Released Unknown
Label Unknown Label
Format 2xCD
Length 18 tracks
Genre Pop
Producer Duran Duran
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Nec arena birmingham duran duran wikipedia

Live At Brmingham '87 is an unofficial Duran Duran live album, recorded during The Strange Behaviour Tour at the NEC Arena in Birmingham, UK on 15 May 1987.

About the album[]

The album is a recording of Duran Duran's performance at the NEC Arena, a 16,000 capacity venue located adjacent to Birmingham International Airport. This was the seventh of twelve shows performed in the UK on the tour.

John Adams opened the show, an artist performing with a band line-up that included drummer Mel Gaynor from Simple Minds.

Returning to the NEC Arena during their first concert tour for more than three years, Duran Duran launched this Friday evening show with "A View to a Kill", their last single of the 80s to feature the original five band members.

A packed arena audience erupted when Simon Le Bon said "We should never have been away so long".

This was the first glimpse in Birmingham of the new-look Duran Duran with Le Bon, John Taylor and Nick Rhodes of the original five members playing in a ten-strong band line-up.

The band played a mixture of new from their album Notorious and old including "The Wild Boys", "Hungry Like the Wolf" and "Save A Prayer".

Ecstastic fans threw flowers at Le Bon's feet, as he strutted and twisted on stage.

At one point, Le Bon had to call for calm when fans in the front row fought over a giant size Union Jack flag, that had been snatched from his shoulders.

Le Bon later added "We were a little nervous before coming on because this has always been a special place for us, thanks for pulling out all the stops".

The NEC gig was the centrepiece of a world tour that started in Japan four months before, then moved to London two days later and finished in Brazil during January 1988.

The UK tour poster features Duran Duran photography by Matthew Rolston.

Track listing[]

CD 1[]

  1. "A View to a Kill"
  2. "Notorious"
  3. "American Science"
  4. "Union of the Snake"
  5. "Vertigo"
  6. "New Religion"
  7. "Meet El Presidente"
  8. "Election Day"
  9. "Some Like It Hot"
  10. "A Matter of Feeling"
  11. "The Chauffeur"
  12. "Save A Prayer"

CD 2[]

  1. "Skin Trade"
  2. "Hold Me"
  3. "Is There Something I Should Know?"
  4. "Hungry Like the Wolf"
  5. "The Wild Boys"
  6. "The Reflex"


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