Listen to London
Listen to London the 1981 film Documentary About the Post Punk Indy Music Rebellion duran duran
documentary film
Released 1980s (video)
2008 (DVD)
Recorded 1981
Genre Documentary
Length 63 minutes
Label (DVD)
Producer Steve Sattler
Desmond Horsfield
Duran Duran- Before they came to America 1981

Duran Duran- Before they came to America 1981

featuring Duran Duran

Listen to London: The 1981 Film about the Post Punk Indy Rebellion is a documentary featuring Duran Duran (DVD version), originally released as a video in the 1980s and re-issued as a DVD with various extras in 2008.

About the filmEdit

By the spring of 1981 London was a place for a brand new approach to making and releasing pop music. In the aftermath of 'punk', 'new wave', and 'synth', artists were rejecting the control of the major record companies, starting their own labels, promoting and releasing the records themselves. Two American filmmakers, Steve Sattler and Desmond Horsfield, spent ten days shooting this transformation. Listen to London (available on Amazon) is a collection of films shot in various London locations, capturing some of the most intuitive artists performing during the post-punk movement in the country in 1981. Performances are recorded in places, including abandoned homes, unequipped warehouses and pub stages.

Included is footage of the Thompson Twins, captured on film as a 7-piece outfit one year before scaling down to a pop trio that would later have a string of hit singles internationally.

The re-issued DVD version features various extras, including an insightful commentary by the filmmakers about how the film came to be. There is also a rare Duran Duran interview, recorded in a London street and added as part of the extras.


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