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Life In Mirrors
album by Masami Tsuchiya
Released 1987
Recorded 1987
Genre Pop
Length 10 tracks
Label Epic Records / Sony
Producer Muami Tsuchiya
John Taylor related

Life In Mirrors is an album by Masami Tsuchiya, released by Epic Records / Sony in 1987. The album features John Taylor.

About the album[]

The album is by Japanese singer-songwriter Masami Tsuchiya, who in 1982 performed with the British band Japan during their Asian tour and was also a member of Ippu Do. Masami wrote, arranged and produced all the songs himself, which were recorded at the AIR Studios in London, UK.

The songs are mainly comprised of ballads, featuring several prominent guest artists including David Sylvian (Japan), Mick Karn (Japan), Andy Mackay (Roxy Music) and John Taylor who performs bass. Sylvian does not sing, but contributes guitar and piano.

Track listing[]


  1. "Stay In Heaven"
  2. "Don't Stop Loving"
  3. "Khaos Town (Hizashi No Tsumibito)"
  4. "Mizu No Naka No Hotel (Hotel Atlantis)"
  5. "Perfect Days"
  6. "Daydreams of You"
  7. "Ichinichi Senya (One Day A Thousand Nights)"
  8. "Lapis"
  9. "Because"
  10. "Planet Mirrors"