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Lead Mix
Duran duran lead mix
compilation album
Released 2005
Recorded various
Genre Pop, Dance
Length 16 tracks
Label unofficial
Producer various
"WHT" (Rauhofer Mix Show Edit)
Duran Duran

Lead Mix is an unofficial compilation album, featuring a collection of Duran Duran Astronaut related recordings.

About the album[]

The album includes a demo version of "Bedroom Toys", a track also available on the Beautiful Colours and Astronaut Demos albums.

Also included is a remix of "Love Voodoo" by Mark Tinley, who has been associated with Duran Duran since the 1990s with work on various albums and tours such as Thank You.

The front cover photography is by Paul Edmond, which features in the Duran Duran Unseen book.

Track listing[]

  1. "Bedroom Toys" (Demo)
  2. "Nice" (Agterhuis Single Remix)
  3. "Astronaut" (Agterhuis Remix)
  4. "What Happens Tomorrow" (Rauhofer Mix Show Edit)
  5. "Nice" (DJ Funky Remix)
  6. "Sunrise" (Agterhuis Radio Remix)
  7. "Protect You" (WHT)
  8. "Sunrise" (Of The Heart)
  9. "Union of the Snake" (Parsel Post Mix)
  10. "All She Wants Is" (SCSI 9 Mix)
  11. "Love Voodoo" (Mark Tinley Remix)
  12. "The Edge of America" (Agterhuis)
  13. "Sunrise" (Pixel of Tritec Mix)
  14. "Nice" (Lead Vocal Mix)
  15. "Sunrise" (Lead Vocal Mix)
  16. "Chains" (Live Acoustic)


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