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Laughing On Judgement Day
Andy taylor laughing on judgement day
album by Thunder
Released 24 August 1992
Recorded March-June 1992
Genre Hard Rock
Length 14 tracks
Label EMI Geffen
Producer(s) Andy Taylor
Luke Morley
Andy Taylor

Laughing On Judgement Day is the second studio album by the British hard rock band Thunder, released by EMI / Geffen Records on 24 August 1992. The album was co-produced by Andy Taylor.

About the album[]

The album is by Thunder, a band who originally formed in 1989 and for a while it seemed they would follow in the footsteps of Def Leppard and conquer America with their style of hard rock.

Laughing On Judgement Day remains the band's most successful album in terms of chart position, reaching number 2 in the UK in September 1992.

The four singles released from the album also all made the Top 40 in the UK, which were "Low Life in High Places", "Everybody Wants Her", "A Better Man" and "Like A Satellite".

The album was produced by Andy Taylor and Luke Morley, with Andy also co-writting two of the songs including the single "Like A Satellite" which peaked at no.25 on the UK Charts.

Track listing[]

All songs written by Luke Morley, except where noted

  1. "Does It Feel Like Love?" (5:01)
  2. "Everybody Wants Her" (Luke Morley, Danny Bowes, Gary James, Ben Matthews) (4:31)
  3. "Low Life In High Places" (4:10)
  4. "Laughing On Judgement Day" (4:34)
  5. "Empty City" (Luke Morley, Andy Taylor) (7:00)
  6. "Today The World Stopped Turning" (4:44)
  7. "Long Way From Home" (6:03)
  8. "Fire To Ice" (Luke Morley, Gary James) (4:34)
  9. "Feeding The Flame" (4:33)
  10. "A Better Man" (3:41)
  11. "The Moment Of Truth" (Danny Bowes, Gary James, Ben Matthews) (3:55)
  12. "Flawed To Perfection" (4:55)
  13. "Like A Satellite" (Luke Morley, Andy Taylor) (4:48)
  14. "Baby I'll Be Gone" (6:49)


Thunder are:

  • Luke Morley - Guitars, Harmonica
  • Ben Matthews - Guitars, Keyboards
  • Mark 'Snake' Luckhurst - Bass
  • Gary James - Drums, Percussion
  • Danny Bowes - Vocals


  • Jody Linscott - Percussion (on "Empty City", "The Moment of Truth" and "Like a Satellite")
  • The Big Bad Horns (Grant Kirkhope, Frank Mizen & Snake Davis) - Brass (on "Everybody Wants Her")

Also credited:

  • Producers - Andy Taylor & Luke Morley
  • Recording - Ken Lomas
  • Mixing - Dave Bascombe
  • Additional Engineering - Ben Matthews
  • Assistant Engineers - Andy Baker, Lee Phillips, Adrian Moore, Ian Huffman, Andy Strange
  • John Kalodner - John Kalodner
  • Photography - Jill Furmanosky
  • Stills Photographers - Rupert Truman, Tony May
  • Art - Storm Thorgerson & Keith Breeden