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Lady Ice
So red lady ice edited.jpg
song by Arcadia
Released 18 November 1985
Recorded April-June 1985
Genre New wave, synthpop
Length 7:32 minutes
Label Capitol, EMI, Parlophone
Writer(s) Rhodes, Le Bon
Producer(s) Alex Sadkin

"Lady Ice" is a song by Arcadia, released on the band's only album So Red the Rose by Capitol Records-EMI-Parlophone on 18 November 1985.

About the song[]

Written by Simon Le Bon and Nick Rhodes, the song was co-produced by Alex Sadkin who had previously produced Duran Duran's 1983 album Seven and the Ragged Tiger.

"Lady Ice" features bass player Mark Egan with his very distinctive fretless sound, plus percussion by David Van Tieghem from New York. Its been written that when Yasmin Le Bon first heard this song, was the moment she fell in love with Simon.

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Arcadia are:


Lady Ice slips into her soul
Lady Ice leaves a house so cold
Lady Ice did you know
That the world was lonely too
Drifting snows
Searching plains and high
TUrning stones as she looks
For the heart somebody stole
She knows the violation
In lovers arms without occasion
But who knows where to find
A true heart for Lady Ice
In the candle flame
Compromised by the cruel bands
Of steel around her breasts
She knows the desolation
Of lover's arms their isolation
But who knows where to find
A true heart for Lady Ice
Lady's eyes slip away
To the part she plays in school
She knows of roles and hideaways
Suppose she knows but turns away
She knows where to find
A true heart for Lady Ice
Lady Ice
Step outside your soul
lady Ice do you know
That the world is frightened too

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