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Julie Geisha (My Beautiful Lover)
John Taylor Retreat Into Art
song by John Taylor
Released 2001
Recorded 2001
Genre Pop
Length 1 track
Label Trust The Process
Producer John Taylor
John Taylor

"Julie Geisha (My Beautiful Lover)" is a John Taylor song, released by Trust The Process in 2001.

About the song[]

Written by John Taylor, the song was released on his Retreat Into Art album in 2001 available through Taylor's own Trust The Process website.

This is a mid-tempo pop song, which later featured on the MetaFour album as part of the five song "Sidewalk Medley".

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I've said this before
You're worth hangin' on to
You've finished with him
Now it's my turn to
Ge-get turned on
You were, worth waiting for
My herione
There's not another girl quite like you

My beautiful lover
My beautiful lover
My beautiful lover

I'll say it again
You're worth hanging around for
Oh me, Christian sins
This is not another love like before
You're always in
You're worth taking the train for
And we've just begun
There's not another girl just like you

My beautiful lover
My beautiful lover, huh
My beautiful lover

There's not a single thing I can do
It's more than just the spell of in you
It's not just getting happy
It's not just getting through
It's more than the smell of your stew
And it's you
It's you (repeat)

You're guilty like me
You'll take the blame for everything
As good as the door
Things are never quite perfect enough for you
Now that don't mean nothing
Mmm, we get by with a laugh of this joke
As good as we are
We've no need for wedding bells
My beautiful lover
My beautiful lover, huh
My beautiful lover
My beautiful lover, huh
My beautiful you