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Juicy Jeans Promo EP
EP by John Taylor
Released 1999
Recorded 1999
Genre Pop, Rock
Length 5 tracks
Label B5 Records
Producer John Taylor
John Taylor

Juicy Jeans Promo EP is a John Taylor EP, released in the USA by B5 Records in 1999.

About the EP[]

The EP was produced by John Taylor and released on his own B5 Record label. In 1999 Juicy Couture introduced jeans to their product line, Taylor who is married to the company's co-founder Gela Nash released this EP to coincide with the launch.

The CD was also used to promote The Japan Album, which Taylor dedicated to his late mother. The EP includes three tracks from the album, plus "Hollow Victory" and "Run Together" that also feature on The Japan EP.

Track listing[]

  1. "Mister J"
  2. "Run Together"
  3. "Hollow Victory"
  4. "Air Miles"
  5. "Feelings Are Good"