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Johnny Full of Fear
John Taylor Retreat Into Art
song by John Taylor
Released 2001
Recorded 2001
Genre Pop
Length 1 track
Label Trust The Process
Producer John Taylor
John Taylor

"Johnny Full of Fear" is a John Taylor song, released by Trust The Process in 2001.

About the song[]

Written by John Taylor, the song was released on his Retreat Into Art album available through Taylor's own Trust The Process website.

This is a mid-tempo pop song, which starts off slowly with clear vocals and an acoustic guitar.

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He's walking on the wall
Cause he's heard it all before
He'd laugh it off, if he could
But his glasses might fall off
The madman's at the door
Whispering through the floor
Sordid times in life before
Will keep him from flying once more

Johnny full of fear
He's hanging on a thread
Don't be afraid of the dark
Don't be afraid of what you are
Johnny is learning, to feed, to fear

He's whacking in time
'Cause his wife gave him some room
Now he's up to neck in debt
And his partner's blown a fuse
Well he sits still for a minute
While he's waiting for some credit
The property's in ruins
But the suit is good and shiny

Johnny full of fear
He's hanging from a thread
Don't be afraid of the dark
Don't be afraid of what you have
Johnny has known to fear

The messenger
The messenger of fortune
He's the messenger
He's the messenger

He's alone most nights now
More often than not
He's too much time to think
Gives his committee too much room
He's thinking of expanding
Taking on responsibilities
I'm, in all, in favor of it
I'll encourage him every chance I get

Johnny full of fear
Johnny full of fear
Full of fear