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John Taylor Terroristen
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DVD by John Taylor Terroristen
Released 2005
Recorded 1998-00
Genre Pop, Rock
Length 12 tracks
Label unofficial
Producer John Taylor Terroristen
John Taylor Terroristen

John Taylor Terroristen is an unofficial John Taylor Terroristen live DVD, featuring tracks from two shows performed in 1998 and 2000.

About the DVD[]

Part one of the DVD features seven tracks recorded during The Baby Steps Tour at The Roxy in Hollywood, CA, USA on 30 May 1998. This show included support act Three Alarm Fire and was previously released on the unofficial album Terroristen - Live at the Roxy.

Part two was recorded during The 1999 / 2000 Tour at The Key Club in Hollywood, CA, USA on 3 May 2000. This is a copy of the Better Off Alive DVD, originally released through John Taylor's Trust The Process website in 2000.

Track listing[]

Live At The Roxy, Los Angeles, (USA), 30 May, 1998:

  1. "Rio"
  2. "Some Like It Hot"
  3. "Losing You"
  4. "Feelings Are Good"
  5. "Can You Deal With It?"
  6. "Planet Earth"
  7. "Good Times"

Live At The Key Club, Hollywood, (USA), 3 May, 2000:

  1. "Meltdown"
  2. "Notorious" (with the Underdogz)
  3. "Run Together"
  4. "Fields of Eden"
  5. "Dope"


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