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San Diego 12-10-98
San diego duran duran john taylor
live album
Venue Brick by Brick, San Diego,
CA, USA Dbi flag usa
Recorded 10 December 1998
Released 1998
Label unofficial
Format CD
Length 11 tracks
Genre Pop, Rock
Producer John Taylor Terroristen
John Taylor Terroristen
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John Taylor Terroristen: San Diego 12-10-98 is an unofficial John Taylor Terroristen live album, recorded during The Baby Steps Tour at the Brick by Brick in San Diego, CA, USA on 10 December 1998.

About the album[]

The album is a recording of John Taylor Terroristen's performance at the Brick by Brick, a 300 capacity venue located at 1130 Buenos Ave. This was the 11th of 12 shows performed by the band in the state of California on the tour.

The show featured debut performances of "Spirit of the Times", "Air Miles" and "To Do You (John Lennon Says)", three songs that were later released on The Japan Album in November 1999.

Also included is a rare recording of "The Only One", an unreleased song Taylor wrote for his mother during her battle with leukemia in 1998.

Track listing[]

  1. "Spirit of the Times"
  2. "Air Miles"
  3. "To Do You (John Lennon Says)"
  4. "Rio" / "Some Like It Hot"
  5. "The Reflex"
  6. "Drowning Man"
  7. "The Only One"
  8. "Losing You"
  9. "Hey Day"
  10. "Don't Talk Much"
  11. "Feelings Are Good"


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