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Blue Note Club 27-08-99
live album
Venue Blue Note Club, Osaka,
Japan Japan flag
Recorded 27 August 1999
Released 1999
Label unofficial
Format CD
Length 11 tracks
Genre Pop
Producer John Taylor Terroristen
John Taylor Terroristen
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John Taylor Terroristen: Blue Note Club 27-08-99 is an unofficial John Taylor Terroristen live album, recorded during The 1999 / 2000 Tour at the Blue Note Club in Osaka, Japan on 27 August 1999.

About the album[]

The album is a recording of John Taylor Terroristen's early show performance at the Blue Note Club, a 320 capacity venue that opened in 1990.

This was the first of two shows performed at Blue Note Club on this date. It was also the first of six played on three consecutive days at the venue.

The band line-up included Tio Banks replacing keyboard player Michael Railton, who performed on The Baby Steps Tour.

The show featured three (at the time) unreleased songs from The Japan Album, released later in November 1999. These songs are "Down With U", "Fields of Eden" and "Getting Intimate".

Track listing[]

  1. "Run Together"
  2. "Get It On (Bang a Gong)"
  3. "Rio" / "The Reflex"
  4. "Mister J"
  5. "Anon (One Day At A Time)"
  6. "Down With U"
  7. "Fields of Eden"
  8. "Getting Intimate"
  9. "Feelings Are Good"
  10. "Losing You"
  11. "Some Like It Hot" / "New Religion"


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