John Taylor Sampler
Sampler john taylor
compilation album
Released 2002
Recorded various
Genre Pop, rock, dance
Length 12 tracks
Label Trust The Process
Producer various
TTP Retro magazine
Ttpretro a
John Taylor

John Taylor Sampler is a compilation album, released by Trust The Process in 2002.

About the albumEdit

Featuring a collection of John Taylor solo tracks, the album was released by Taylor's own Trust The Process label.

All the tracks were written by Taylor except for "Divisions" (co-written with Jonathan Elias), "Just Another High" (Bryan Ferry song) and "Soul Fire" (Lee Perry song).

The album includes the song "Spirit of the Times", a track originally released on The Japan Album in 1999. This song features many lyrical references to Taylor's home city of Birmingham.

The CD was packaged with a 32-page TTP Retro magazine, designed by Patty Palazzo.

Track listingEdit


  1. "Trust The Process"
  2. "The Anti-Wife"
  3. "Just Another High"
  4. "Soul Fire"
  5. "Spirit of the Times"
  6. "Divisions"
  7. "I Know"
  8. "6000 Miles" (Remix)
  9. "Just Good Friends"
  10. "Wake Me Up In August"
  11. "Blue Flame"
  12. "This Is The Moment"