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John Taylor Interview
John-Taylor Interview-duran duran
interview album
Country Japan Japan flag
Catalogue no. 5" FLEXI DISC VR-198402
Label Viva Rock
Format 5" flexi disc
Length 1 track
Released February 1984
Genre Interview
Producer Viva Rock
John Taylor

John Taylor Interview is a promotional-only 5" flexi disc, released in Japan by Viva Rock during February 1984.

About the flexi disc[]

The flexi disc was given away with the Japanese Viva Rock issue no.20. This is a 100-page Japanese music magazine featuring articles on Kajagoogoo, Sting, Michael Monroe (pictured on the front cover), Survivor and John Taylor.

The disc was released in a unique title paper envelope sleeve.

Track listing[]

5" FLEXI DISC VR-198402[]

  1. Interview