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John Taylor...And Other Lies
compilation album
Released 2000
Recorded various
Genre Pop, Rock
Length 15 tracks
Label unofficial
Producer various
John Taylor

John Taylor...And Other Lies is an unofficial John Taylor related compilation album, released in 2000.

About the album[]

The album is split into three parts. Part one contains solo tracks and performances by John Taylor. These include Taylor's debut solo single "I Do What I Do", a song from the 9½ Weeks soundtrack. There is also a cover version of Roxy Music's "Just Another High", plus live recordings of John Taylor Terroristen performing a medley of "Rio" and "Some Like It Hot".

Part two and part three are tracks by Neurotic Outsiders and The Power Station. This includes Neurotic Outsiders performing "Planet Earth", a track released on the band's Angelina EP in 1997.

Track listing[]

John Taylor:

  1. "Tell Me All You Know"
  2. "I Do What I Do" (Film Mix)
  3. "Jazz" (Instrumental)
  4. "Just Another High"
  5. "Just Good Friends"
  6. "21st Century Teenager"
  7. "And There Are Lots And Lots of Ants"
  8. "Rio" / "Some Like It Hot"
  9. "Can You Deal With It?"
  10. "Just Another High"
  11. "Planet Earth" / "Good Times"

Neurotic Outsiders:

  1. "Planet Earth"

The Power Station:

  1. "Some Like It Hot" (Extended)
  2. "Some Like It Hot" (7" Version)
  3. "Get It On (Bang a Gong)" (7" Version)