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Jean-Marie Horvat
Background information
Born USA
Occupation Record Mixer
Years active 1990s-present
Associated acts Duran Duran
Michael Jackson
Chris Brown
Record Mixer

Jean-Marie Horvat is an American record mixer, whose work has included mixing tracks by Duran Duran.


Jean-Marie Horvat is a New York native who got his start in the music industry as a runner at a recording studio in New York in 1991. By the following summer he was in Japan mixing for Michael Jackson. This was soon followed by mixing the single "Right Back At Cha" by Shai.

During the 2000s, Jean worked on albums by Chris Brown and Ricky Martin, also contributing to Astronaut and the Red Carpet Massacre by Duran Duran on tracks such as "Falling Down".

A selection of credits[]

  • "Jam" - Michael Jackson (1992)
  • "Right Back At Cha" - Shai (1992)
  • "Satisfied" - Rhona (2001)
  • Victoria Beckham - Victoria Beckham (2001)
  • "Badaboom" - B2K feat. Willy Denzey (2004)
  • Lets Talk About It - Carl Thomas (2004)
  • "Point Of No Return" - Duran Duran (2004)
  • Chris Brown - Chris Brown (2005)
  • "It's Alright" - Ricky Martin (2005)
  • "Falling Down" - Duran Duran (2007)
  • "Nite-Runner" - Duran Duran (2007)
  • Special Occation - Bobby Valento (2007)
  • Admit It - Esmee Denters (2008)
  • Ready - Trey Songz (2009)