Jason Harrelson
Background information
Born USA
Occupation Musician, trumpet builder
Instruments Trumpet
Associated acts Duran Duran

Jason Harrelson is an American trumpet builder and musician, who has toured with bands including Duran Duran.


Jason was raised on the road along with his sister, Jennifer, by his truck driving parents traveling the continental United States. At the age of ten Jason decided to pursue a career as an inventor and entrepreneur. His first venture was JR's Snackbar, co-founded with his best friend Rick Nedens which served snacks and drinks to local trailer park kids earning each of them their very first paycheck of $5.40 each in the first week. Jason's other ventures included a lawn care business at age 11, a recycling business at 15, an auto mechanics/restoration business at 17, Harrelson Woodworking at 19 and Harrelson Trumpets founded at 20.

Jason began playing the trumpet in 5th grade and practiced the very first day only to be electrocuted half-way through the first practice session while plugging a light into a faulty wall socket. He didn't practice again until 11th grade and proceeded to sit last chair in all band concerts. He was awakened to the love of music by his band director, Gary Tangen who challenged him to pursue perfection in music. Locking himself in his room for 4 hours of diligent practice daily at age 16, he placed first chair in the high school band the following week.

While attending St Olaf College pursuing Math and Performance degrees, Jason discovered the laws of physics governing trumpet acoustics and set out on a mission to improve the efficiency of trumpet design. Since then, he has gained international acclaim and criticism for his his efficiency modern trumpet designs.

Jason Harrelson has long been a sideman and lead player in small jazz combos, big bands, musicals, quintets and orchestras. He made is NYC Broadway debut at the Ethel Barrymore Theater in November of 2007, during the Duran Duran on Broadway shows.

Jason Harrelson currently performs regularly on an eclectic array of trumpets he has designed and built himself including; Medusa, the world's only two-belled trumpet of its kind; Gravity, a 6-pound powerhouse exhibiting the highest efficiency of any trumpet in the world; the world's first 4-valve Bb with a range of low c; and his latest design that incorporates a Korg Kaossilator and built-in microphones for live sampling, beat boxing and improvising as a one-man band with vocals.