International Lover
51I1XGhyJgL. SS500
single by Riviera F
Released 2004
Recorded 2004
Genre Pop, Dance, Electronic
Length 5 tracks
Label Pop Cult / Tape Modern
Producer(s) Nick Rhodes (track 1)
Riviera F (tracks 2-5)
Nick Rhodes related

"International Lover" is a single by Riviera F, released by Pop Cult/Tape Modern in 2004.

About the songEdit

This song is the debut release from the London-based electronic pop group Riviera F. It was produced by Nick Rhodes and is a mix of analogue synthesizers, guitars and vocals.

The music is in the style of Kraftwerk, with Billy Zane appearing in the video directed by Matt Amato which was shown at Hollywood's Resfest film festival.

Track listingEdit


  1. "International Lover"
  2. "Information"
  3. "Nothing"
  4. "Girls And Money"
  5. "Another Crash And Burn"

Other appearancesEdit



  • Alexa Marlen
  • Kairo Sin.

Also credited:

  • Engineer - Mark Tinley (track 1)
  • Mastered by - Ian Ritchie