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photographic book
Released 26 November 1984
Recorded various
Genre Polaroid photos
Length 127-pages
Label Michael Jospeph
Producer Nick Rhodes
Nick rhodes b
Nick Rhodes

Interference is a 127-page book produced by Nick Rhodes and published by Michael Jospeph on 26 November 1984.

About the book[]

The book is a collection of abstract polaroid photographs of television screens from around the world, taken by the book's author Nick Rhodes whilst on tour during 1983 and 1984. Each picture shows depth and colour, which demonstrates that abstract photography can come from the simplest of things and does not need to be complicated to be art. The configuration of the book allows individuals to make their own interpretation of what they are seeing which is the basis of art.

The book features an introduction by Nick Rhodes, who became interested in the art world early in his career, making friends with Andy Warhol and The Factory Crowd. The camera used was a Polaroid SX-70, with the photos manipulated only by using the TV controls. None of the pictures were enhanced or manipulated by computers, although some of the images in the book were changed a little graphically by the designer Malcolm Garrett.

Book notes[]

Artist/Musician Nick Rhodes has used airwaves of many different countries as his palette for the abstract images in this book.Inspired and influenced (but not restricted) by those cultures, he has brought the images together in an environment of their own. The result is a catalyst for thought and inspiration, a re-structucturing of his own perception and a new generation of photography art.


An exhibition featuring many of the photographs from this book was held between 27th December 1984 and 9th January 1985, at the Hamiltons Gallery in the Mayfair area of London (UK).


A small number of limited edition full colour art prints of photographs from the book were issued for the Hamiltons Gallery event. The prints were produced in the form of souvenir posters and printed on high quality thick paper, measuring 26" x 18". These posters were signed by Nick Rhodes and cost £5.00. Other memorabilia sold at the show included five different postcards and a 1 inch pink badge (see Collectibles).

Book codes[]

  • ISBN-10: 0718125517
  • ISBN-13: 978-0718125516

Additional information:

  • Language - English
  • Book Dimensions - 9 x 7.7 x 0.4 Inches
  • Shipping Weight - 1 pound