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Inside Duran Duran
Inside duran duran a
US version
Duran Duran book
Published June 1984
Genre Pop, photos, information
Length 64-pages
Size 17.8 x 12.7 x 2.5 cm
Label Starbooks / Signet Special
Author Robyn Flans
Japanese version
Inside duran duran
Duran Duran

Inside Duran Duran is a 64-page book written by Robyn Flans, which was published by Starbooks / Signet Special in June 1984.

About the book[]

The book was written by Robyn Flans, who is credited with other musical projects including Journey (book about the American rock band) and writing liner notes for the Osmondmania! - Osmond Family's Greatest Hits CD.

Inside Duran Duran features a biographical chapter on each of the original band members with photos. There is also a chapter on the making of Seven and the Ragged Tiger, an album produced by Colin Thurston.


  1. Simon Le Bon
  2. Roger Taylor
  3. Andy Taylor
  4. John Taylor
  5. Nick Rhodes
  6. How The Music Began
  7. The American Invasion
  8. 1983: The Work Continues
  9. 1983: The Making of Seven and the Ragged Tiger
  10. 81-84: Discography
  11. 83-84: On Top of the World


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