Id 2
album by Aikawa Nanase
Released 26 March 2003
Recorded various
Genre Pop, Rock
Length 17 tracks
Label Avex Trax
Producer various
featuring John Taylor

ID:2 is a compilation album by Aikawa Nanase, released by Avex Trax on 26 March 2003. The album features John Taylor.

About the albumEdit

The album is by Aikawa Nanase who is known for employing a variety of musical styles, most notably rock. The compilation is a collection of her songs, including "Cosmic Love" released as a single in 1999 and later issued on the Foxtrot album. Other singles featured are "Danelion" released in 2001 and the 1999 "Jealously".

ID:2 includes a bonus disc featuring "Like A Hard Rain", a track arranged by John Taylor and Dan Chase with additional bass guitar and keyboads performed by Taylor.

Track listingEdit

AVTCD 95678Edit

  1. "Cosmic Love"
  2. "Heat of the Night"
  3. "Sekai wa Kono Te no Naka ni"
  4. "Jealousy"
  5. "Crying"
  6. "Hanabi ga Owaru Koro"
  7. "China Rose"
  8. "Midnight Blue"
  9. "Seven Seas"
  10. "No Future"
  11. "Sakura Saku"
  12. "Dandelion"
  13. "Owarinai Yume"
  14. "Roppongi Shinjuu"
Bonus discEdit
  1. "Yumemiru Shojo Ja Irarenai" (arranged & performed by Polysics)
  2. "Like A Hard Rain" (arranged by John Taylor with Dan Chase, additional bass guitar and keyboads by John Taylor)
  3. "Cosmic Love" (arranged by Dance Man)


  • Aikawa Nanase - Vocals
  • Crazy Cool Joe - Bass
  • Marty Friedman - Guitar
  • Tomoaki Ishizuka - Guitar
  • D.I.E. - Keyboards
  • Shinya Yamada - Drums