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Hot Dog...The Movie
Hot dog movie poster duran duran edited
Background information
Directed by Peter Markle
Produced by

Edward S. Feldman, Mike Marvin

Written by Mike Marvin
Starring David Naughton
Patrick Houser
Tracy Smith
Shannon Tweed
Music by Peter Bernstein
Mark Goldenberg John Stewart
Cinematography Paul Ryan
Editing by John Stewart
Release date 13 January 1984
Running time 96 minutes
featuring music by Duran Duran

Hot Dog…The Movie is a teen sex comedy motion picture directed by Peter Markle, which starred David Naughton, Patrick Houser, Tracy Smith and Shannon Tweed. The movie was released in January 1984 and features "Hungry Like The Wolf" by Duran Duran.

About the film[]

The film stars Patrick Houser as Harkin Banks, a young and ambitious skier from Idaho who is determined to prove himself in a freestyle skiing competition at Squaw Valley.

Along the way he teams with a pack of fun-loving incorrigibles (whose leader, Dan O'Callahan is played by Davis Naughton), picks up an Austrian arch-nemesis named Rudi (John Patrick Reger), and enters a love triangle with a pair of blondes, a young woman named Sunny and the more mature Sylvia Fonda (played by Playboy Playmate Shannon Tweed in one of her first major film roles).


  • David Naughton - Dan O'Callahan
  • Patrick Houser - Harkin Banks
  • Tracy Smith - Sunny
  • John Patrick Reger - Rudolph 'Rudi' Garmisch
  • Frank Koppala - Squirrel Murphy
  • James Saito - Kendo Yamamoto
  • Shannon Tweed - Sylvia Fonda
  • George Theobald - Slasher
  • Mark Vance - Heinz Hartman
  • Erik Watson - Fergy
  • Lynn Wieland - Michelle
  • Sandy Hackett - T-Shirt Contest M.C.
  • Crystal Smith - Motel Clerk
  • Peter Vogt - Fader Black
  • Robert Fuhrmann - Rick Lauter


1 "Hungry Like The Wolf"

2 "Top Of The Hill"

  • Performed by Cliff Magness

3 "Bringing Down The Moon"

  • Performed by John Stewart
  • From the album Trancas

4 "Dreamers On The Rise"

  • Performed by John Stewart and Nick Reynolds
  • From the album Revenge Of The Budgie

5 "When You Were Mine"

  • Performed by Mitch Ryder
  • From the album Don't Kick A Sleeping Dog
  • Cover of a 1980 single by Prince

6 "Do You Love Me?"

  • Performed by Patti Austin
  • Courtesy of Qwest Records
  • by arrangement with Warner Special Products
  • (p) 1981 Qwest Records
  • Written and Composed by Rod Temperton
  • Published by Rodsongs

7 "I Will Be Here For You"

  • Performed by Al Jarreau
  • Courtesy of Warner Bros. Records Inc.
  • by arrangement with Warner Special Products
  • (p) 1983 Warner Bros. Records Inc.

8 "Hold On"

  • Performed by Cliff Magness

9 "Rudi's Victory Song"

  • Performed by John Patrick Reger and Gangif