Hold Back the Rain
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song by Duran Duran
Released 10 May 1982
Genre Pop
Length 3:57 minutes
Label Capitol, EMI
Writer(s) Duran Duran
Producer Colin Thurston
Duran Duran

"Hold Back the Rain" is a Duran Duran song from their second album Rio, released by Capitol-EMI on 10 May 1982.

About the songEdit

In the Rio album's liner notes, the date given for the song's completion is 19 March 1982.

"Hold Back the Rain" is a prominent, non-single track from Rio. It was also released as the B-side to the "Save A Prayer" single in a multitude of remixes.

The song was written while Duran Duran were on tour, the music was written by the band, and lyrics by Simon Le Bon.

The story behind the lyrics was told by both John Taylor and Simon Le Bon in an episode of VH-1's Behind The Music. Simon felt that John was "going off of the rails a little bit at that time...John was staying out too late, taking too many drugs, drinking too much, and going home with the wrong kind of people."

John's recollection was that no-one had warned him "about the pitfalls. It seemed like...'Drugs? That's what The Beatles did, that's what The Rolling Stones do, that's what The Clash do, why wouldn't you wanna take 'em?'.".

Instead of confronting John with his concerns, Simon wrote the lyrics to "Hold Back The Rain". However, it would be another twelve years before John faced up to his addictions and get clean and sober. As John said about his habits; "Sometimes you really need to take yourself to the edge in order to realise that this isn't the right place."

To this day, Simon has no idea of what John thinks of the lyrics. "The night I wrote it, I just slipped a copy of it under his door, and he's never even mentioned it to me, never. Never."


The song was covered by the band Buck O’ Nine on the Mojo Duran Duran Tribute Album (1997).

Song versionsEdit

  • "Hold Back the Rain" (LP Version) - 3:57
  • "Hold Back the Rain" (CD Version) - 3:51
  • "Hold Back the Rain" (Re-Mix - Carnival Version) - 7:00
  • "Hold Back the Rain" (Remix) (7") - 4:03
  • "Hold Back the Rain" (Remix) (12") - 7:05
  • "Hold Back the Rain" (Remix - Strange Behaviour Version) - 6:35
  • "Hold Back the Rain" (U.S. Album Remix) - 6:31


Duran Duran are:


So we're miles away from nowhere
And the wind doesn't have a name
So call it what you want to call it
Still blows down the lane

People tell me, I haven't changed at all
But I don't feel the same
And I bet you've had that feeling too
You can't laugh all the time

And if the fires burn out, there's only fire to blame
(Hold back the rain)
No time for worry 'cause we're on the roam again
(Hold back the rain)
The clouds all scatter and we ride the outside lane
(Hold back the rain)
Not on your own so help me please hold back the rain

So what if the words ain't rhyming
Did you think that it's just a game
I probably didn't even say that right
And I really don't give a damn

Okay, go off and wander
I'm guilty just the same
Sometimes you're needed badly
So please come back again

And if the fires burn out, there's only fire to blame
(Hold back the rain)
No time for worry 'cause we're on the roam again
(Hold back the rain)
The clouds all scatter and we ride the outside lane
(Hold back the rain)
Not on your own, so help me please hold back the rain

Hold back the rain...

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