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Heist: Sex, Lies And Vinny Momo
episode information
Directed by Andy Wolk
Starring Dougray Scott
Steve Harris
Michele Hicks
Broadcast date 26 March 2006
Original music by Greg Burns
Jeff Burns
Brian Kirt
Editing by Juan Garza
Producer Sean Safran
featuring music by Duran Duran

Heist: Sex, Lies And Vinny Momo is episode 2 from season 1 of the American TV series Heist, directed by Andy Wolk and first aired on 29 March 2006 in the USA. The episode includes "Girls on Film" by Duran Duran.

About the episode[]

The episode is from the TV series Heist which revolves around professional thief Mickey O' Neil, (Dougray Scott) who created a team of experts to try to pull off the biggest heist in history.

The plot of the episode features Mickey putting his plan further into motion by bringing in a getaway driver, Vinny Momo, to test out an escape route. Meanwhile, Amy invites Mickey out after their dance class and James grows concerned that his partner's involvement with the detective isn't the best thing for Mickey or the heist. Tyrese and Billy find evidence that leads them to Ricky's door.


  • Dougray Scott - Mickey O'Neil
  • Steve Harris - James Johnson
  • Michele Hicks - Amy Sykes
  • Marika Dominczyk - Lola
  • David Walton - Ricky Watman
  • Billy Gardell - Billy O'rien
  • Reno Wilson - Tyrese Evans
  • Seymour Cassel - Pops
  • Erika Alexander - James' Wife
  • Amy Aquino - Captain
  • Steve Bean - Security Guard
  • Chloe Chaidez - Katie
  • Molly Culver - Rebecca Gordon
  • Michael Dempsey - Robert Ryerson
  • Mark Derwin - Sam Gordon
  • Phoebe Dorin - Martha
  • Scott Grossman - Willy
  • Jordan Havard - Jordan The Pizza Guy
  • Aldo Juliano - Construction Worker
  • Edward Kerr - Det. Roy Thomas (as Ed Kerr)
  • Avrey Larson - Age 4 Katie
  • Wayne Larson - Bidg. Manager Doug
  • Kevin Makely - S.W.A.T. Team Leader
  • Shawn Parr - Detective Shawn
  • Theo Rossi - Vinny Momo