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Hans Arnold
Background information
Birth name Hans Arnold
Born 25 April 1925
Occupation Artist, illustrator, graphic designer
Associated acts ABBA
Spiritual Beggars
Ralph Lunsten
Duran Duran
Graphic Designer

Hans Arnold (born 25 April 1925 in Sursee, Switzerland) is a Swiss artist, illustrator and graphic designer, whose work has included designing Duran Duran album sleeves.


Hans was born in the small Catholic town of Sursee in the Swiss Confederation and as a child played violin in the city's operetta orchestra. His career began as an apprentice film artist, with his first film credit being a commercial for a furniture company. He later had a brief working period in Paris (France) sketching the nightlife before moving to Sweden.

His credits include illustrations for album sleeves including Joy of Being by Ralph Lundsten and Silence of Another Kind by Paatos. Hans has also worked on various Duran Duran sleeves such as Original Gold, Decade and Big Thing..

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