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Greatest: Mechamix 2009
Greatest mechamix 2009 edited
unofficial album
Released 2009
Recorded 1981-09
Genre Pop, Dance
Length 18 minutes
Label Mechanism Podcast
Producer various
Duran Duran

Greatest: Mechamix 2009 is an unofficial Duran Duran 12-track compilation album, released as a podcast download by Mechanism Podcast in 2009.

About the album[]

The album contains an eighteen minute compilation of Duran Duran singles, ranging from the band's debut 1981 single "Planet Earth" to "All She Wants Is" released in October 1990. The compilation also includes an introduction by Simon Le Bon, with the band's first UK no.1 single "Is There Something I Should Know? and "A View To A Kill their second US no.1.

Track listing[]

  1. Simon Le Bon Intro
  2. "The Wild Boys"
  3. "All She Wants Is"
  4. "New Moon on Monday"
  5. "Serious"
  6. "A View To A Kill"
  7. "Is There Something I Should Know?"
  8. "The Reflex"
  9. "Planet Earth"
  10. "Hungry Like The Wolf"
  11. "Girls on Film"
  12. "Rio"