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Godley & Creme
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Born UK
Occupation Musicians, video directors
Associated Acts 10cc
Duran Duran
The Police
Frankie Goes To Hollywood
Musicians / Video Directors

Godley & Creme was a duo of English pop musicians and music video directors, made up of Kevin Godley and Lol Creme. They met aged 8 and 10 when Godley auditioned to be in a short film being made by Creme about the Hunchback of Notre Dame and their work has included directing Duran Duran music videos.

Musical career[]

The pair's first chart success was as members of the short-lived Hotlegs, which evolved into 10cc in 1972. Godley & Creme left 10cc after their fourth album to work on a device they called "The Gizmo", which attached to the bridge of a guitar to create a wide variety of sonic textures. As a duo, they recorded six albums together. The pair ended their working relationship in 1988.

Music videos[]

Godley and Creme achieved their greatest success as the innovative directors of more than fifty music videos in the early 1980s. They created memorable videos for The Police ("Every Breath You Take", "Synchronicity II", "Wrapped Around Your Finger"), Herbie Hancock ("Rockit"), Frankie Goes to Hollywood ("Two Tribes", "The Power of Love"), Sting ("If You Love Somebody Set Them Free"), and many others.

Their innovation extended to their videos for their own songs, notably "Wide Boy" and "Cry". The groundbreaking and very popular 1985 video for "Cry" featured one of the first uses of the digital morphing effect.

Duran Duran[]

Godley and Creme directed Duran Duran's notorious 1981 video "Girls on Film", and returned four years later to direct "A View to a Kill".

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