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Glen Ferris
Glenn Ferris
Background information
Born Los Angeles, CA, USA
Date 27 June 1950
Occupation Musician
Instruments Trombone
Genres Jazz, Classical, Pop
Years active 1970s-present
Associated acts Don Ellis
Frank Zappa
Duran Duran

Glenn Ferris (born on 27 June, 1950 in Los Angeles, California) is a jazz trombonist who has also worked in other fields. Outside of jazz he has played for Frank Zappa, Stevie Wonder, James Taylor, Duran Duran and others.


Glenn studied classical music from 1958 to 1967, but from 1964 onward he also studied jazz with Don Ellis. Native of Los Angeles he used his city's busy studio scene as a launching platform for a variety of different musical journeys, the styles coming and going in the process. He went on to perform with a variety of American musicians in varied genres before moving to France in 1980. In France he worked with artists including Tony Scott, Brotherhood of Breath and Henri Texier. Glenn performed on the tracks "Big Thing" and "Drug (It's Just a State of Mind)", released on Duran Duran's Big Thing album in 1988.

He currently leads a trio and a quintet and teaches at the Conservatoire de Paris.

A selection of credits[]

  • At Fillmore - Don Ellis (1970)
  • Total Eclipse - Billy Cobham (1974)
  • Voyager - Karen Alexander (1978)
  • Big Thing - Duran Duran (1988)
  • Anthem - Steve Lacy (1990)
  • One Shot Deal - Frank Zappa (2008)


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