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Giving The Game Away
Thunder Giving the Game Away duran duran
album by Thunder
Released 15 March 1999
Recorded April 1998-99
Genre Rock, Acoustic
Length 11 tracks
Label Eagle Records
Producer Thunder
featuring Andy Taylor

Giving The Game Away is the fifth studio album by British rock band Thunder, released by Eagle Records on 15 March 1999. The album features Andy Taylor.

About the album[]

Released to coincide with the band's tenth anniversary, the album features an acoustic pop/rock musical genre.

On Giving The Game Away the band toned down their style of electric guitars in favour of a more mellow approach. This included keyboards and Andy Taylor performing acoustic guitar.

"Just Another Suicide" was released as a single in the UK and Japan on 8 March 1999, but renamed "You Wanna Know" for the UK market as Eagle Records thought that the radio wouldn't play the song with 'suicide' in the title. Ironically, the track picked up more airplay in Japan.

On 13 March 1999 the album was previewed live at the Wulfrun Hall in Wolverhapton, UK.

Track listing[]

EAGLT046, EDL EAG 105-2[]

  1. "Just Another Suicide" ("You Wanna Know")
  2. "All I Ever Wanted"
  3. "Giving The Game Away"
  4. "You'll Still Need A Friend"
  5. "Rolling The Dice"
  6. "Numb"
  7. "Play That Funky Music"
  8. "'Til It Shines"
  9. "Time To Get Tough"
  10. "It's Another Day"
  11. "It Could Be Tonight"


Thunder are:

  • Danny Bowes - Vocals
  • Luke Morley - Guitar
  • Ben Matthews - Guitar, keyboards
  • Gary Harry James - Drums
  • Chris Childs - Bass