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Girls on Film: 1998 Promo Singles
Duran-Duran-Girls-On-Film 12GOF1 1998
promo singles by Duran Duran
Country UK Union-jack2
Catalogue no. 12GOF1 UK
Label EMI
Format 3 x 12" vinyl (45 RPM)
Length 3 tracks
Released 1998
Genre Pop, Dance
Producer various
record labels
Duran-Duran-Girls-On-Film 12GOF2 1998
Duran-Duran-Girls-On-Film 12GOF3
"Girls on Film" (Tall Paul Mix)

"Girls on Film": 1998 Promo Singles are three promotional-only Duran Duran limited edition 12" vinyl singles, released in the UK by EMI during 1998.

About the singles[]

This is the complete set of records released to promote the Greatest compilation album in 1998. The set features DJ mixes of Duran Duran's third single "Girls on Film", a song originally released in 1981.

Each individual record was distributed to the media, with a one-page press release and without a picture sleeve.

The collection features ten remixes by DJ's and producers, such as Tin Tin Out who also created a remix of "Electric Barbarella" in the late 1990s. Some of the tracks were also released on the Girls On Film - The Remixes by Capitol Records.

Track listings[]

12GOF1 UK (turquoise):

  1. "Girls on Film" - Tall Paul Mix (8:25)
  2. "Girls on Film" - Tall Paul Instrumental (8:25)

12GOF2 UK (red):

  1. "Girls on Film" - Tin Tin Out Mix (6:55)
  2. "Girls on Film" - Tin Tin Out Instrumental (6:54)
  3. "Girls on Film" - Salt Tank Mix (6:27)
  4. "Girls on Film" - Salt Tank Instrumental (6:26)

12GOF3 UK (blue):

  1. "Girls on Film" - Attica Blues 16 Millimetre Mix (7:30)
  2. "Girls on Film" - Attica Blues 16 Millimetre Instrumental Mix (7:30)
  3. "Girls on Film" - Attica Blues 8 Millimetre Mix (5:50)
  4. "Girls on Film" - Attica Blues 8 Millimetre Instrumental Mix (5:50)


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