Genero TV Contest
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Background information
Contest date 21 December 2010 to 22 February 2011
Genre Film making
Judged by Duran Duran, Genero TV
Number of videos 9
Duran Duran related

Genero TV Contest was a Duran Duran related competition, open from 21 December 2010 until 22 February 2011 (23:59pm GMT).

About the contest[edit | edit source]

The contest was organised by Genero TV, a website named after the Latin word ‘Genero’, which means 'to create'. Genero TV gives people around the world the freedom to create music videos for songs chosen by the website.

The Duran Duran contest gave film makers the chance to make music videos for the entire All You Need Is Now album (download version). There was a $5,000 prize for each of the nine tracks, making a total prize pool of $45,000. Once the contest closed at 23:59pm (GMT) on 22 February 2011, five finalists were selected for each song by Duran Duran and Genero TV. The final winners were then selected by the band.

List of winners and credits[edit | edit source]

01. "All You Need Is Now"

  • Created by: Andrea Benitez, Gonzalo Tugas, Hissora Linse and Luber Mujica
  • Actresses: Corina Hernandez and Rebecca Kronvall
  • Special thanks to Bruna Allain, Lorena Franzoni and Marty Kelly

02. "Blame the Machines"

  • Directed by Sebastian Mihailescu
  • Cinematographer Mihai Ciobanu
  • Editor Lucian Alexandru Andreica
  • Actors Radu Saghin, Sebastian Mihailescu

03. "Being Followed"

  • Directed by Aleksey Khruslov
  • DP by Andrey Virin
  • Nikolay Romankov
  • Anton Lanshakov
  • Aleksandr Ovchinnikov
  • Nina Urmanova

04. "Leave A Light On"

  • Realisation by: Paweł Liro

05. "Safe (In the Heat of the Moment)"

  • Video by: Alex Colby and Douglas McGinness

06. "Girl Panic!"

  • Designed and created by Alan Hughes
  • Big thanks to S. for modelling duties

07. "The Man Who Stole A Leopard"

  • Leopard: Franca Arriola
  • Him: Gabriela Garciandía
  • Producer & Stylist: Paula Arriola x MARIA PELIGRO
  • Director, DoP, Editor: Matías Penachino
  • Additional Camera: Jesus Rodriguez
  • Production Design: UNHIT! VIDEOS

08. "Runway Runaway"

  • Directed by Piotr Kopiel

Special thanks to:

  • Paulina Skarbowska
  • Lilla House Rzeszów
  • Łukasz Lech
  • Łukasz Chudy
  • Miłosz Podleśny
  • Agnieszka Wiatrowska

09. "Before the Rain"

  • Filmed & Edited by: Andrew Pearce
  • Starring: Samantha Pearce & Ben Pearce

Thanks to:

  • Les & Belinda Pearce and Hannah Waite

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