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Album by Duran Duran
Released 22 October 2021 (download)
22 October 2021 (CD version)
Recorded November 2018 - Early 2021
Studio Assault and Battery Studio #2, London, UK
Genre New wave, pop, rock
Length 12/15 Tracks
Label Tape Modern/BMG
Producer(s) Duran Duran,
Mark Ronson,
Erol Alkan,
Giorgio Moroder
Duran Duran

FUTURE PAST is the fifteenth studio album by Duran Duran, scheduled for release in various formats in October 2021.

About the Album[]

Co-produced with Mark Ronson, Erol Alkan and Giorgio Moroder, the album was recorded at Tape Modern Studios London and Assault and Battery Studio #2, in London UK, between November 2018 and spring 2021. (Source). With additional recordings at Metropolis Studios (London), Zelig Studios (LA), MXM Studios (LA), and SYN Studio (Tokyo). The two-and-a-half year production time was affected by a global pandemic in April 2020; which forced studio facilities to become unavailable for an extended period.

The band first announced the album title on May 19th 2021, while simultaneously releasing the first single from the album called INVISIBLE. The tracklist for the album was announced on August 5th 2021, and the band released the second single called MORE JOY!; which features the Japanese Rock band CHAI. On August 31st 2021, the band released ANNIVERSARY as a promotional single; with the full version (which will be on the album) and an edited version (3.39 minutes long), which coincides with the band celebrating 40th Anniversary since they first formed. Then on September 24th 2021, the band released another single TONIGHT UNITED after performing the song on various live performances including on the Sunday before at the Isle of Wight festival where they headlined for that day. On October 20th 2021, the band released the fifth single GIVE IT ALL UP featuring Tove Lo as a final advertisement for the album before it's release 2 days later.

This is Duran Duran's first album to be distributed by the BMG label; the band having worked with seven different labels previously.

Album Title[]

The term „Future Past” became widely accepted in public consciousness in 2021, not least because of the publicity behind this album. The term likely originated from 18th Century Poetry, although the exact coining is not known. According to online sources, the term can be used to describe past events in a future tense, perhaps when thinking about past attempts to reach a future goal. This is opposed to looking at depictions of the future, which were made in the past, as this would be a Past Future. Duran Duran decided to give the term a new twist, by using past intruments, signatures and retro motifs, mixed with modern and futuristic energy; to create forward looking yet somewhat retro sounding music.

On May 21st 2020, Duran Duran signed a global publishing deal with Warner Chappel. The deal covered the group’s past catalog from 1986 to date, along with any future compositions. (Source). The idea for the album title is speculted to be between this date and early 2021.

John recalls: "It was a day that we played some new songs for some young London photographers we were working with. One of them said "This is like Future Past." When we heard him, we asked him if that expression had come from that moment. He said yes and we immediately thought it was a great title."

Cover Art[]


The cover art was created from two photographs by Daisuke Yokota, of Akio Nagasawa Gallery. The two photos can be seen separately in the Deluxe Edition booklet. According to John, "Food was thrown" when it came to choosing the right photos for the cover. An early edition shows the man running backwards; and this was changed when it was pointed out that the past is fixed, and only the present changes. The cover art is an example of apparently fully naked models.

Track listing[]

Standard Edition

1 INVISIBLE 3:11 (DD/Alkan)
2 ALL OF YOU 4:05 (DD/Alkan)
3 GIVE IT ALL UP (ft. Tove Lo) 5:07 (DD/Alkan/Coxon/Tove Lo)
4 ANNIVERSARY 5:18 (DD/Alkan/Coxon)
5 FUTURE PAST 3:52 (DD/Alkan/Coxon)
6 BEAUTIFUL LIES 3:36 (DD/Moroder)
7 TONIGHT UNITED 3:07 (DD/Moroder)
8 WING 5:19 (DD/Ronson/Coxon)
9 NOTHING LESS 4:25 (DD/Alkan)
10 HAMMERHEAD (ft. Ivorian Doll) 3:33 (DD/Jennings/Layton/Mahi)
11 MORE JOY! (ft. CHAI) 3:39 (DD/Alkan/Coxon)
12 FALLING (ft. Mike Garson) 5:47 (DD/Alkan)

Deluxe Edition

A special Deluxe Edition of the album was also released Oct 22nd 2021, containing three bonus songs. Unlike most deluxe editions of albums; where the bonus tracks are added to the end of the normal track list; these bonus songs are actually added in various positions within this version of the album.

1 INVISIBLE 3:11 (DD/Alkan)
2 ALL OF YOU 4:05 (DD/Alkan)
3 GIVE IT ALL UP (ft. Tove Lo) 5:07 (DD/Alkan/Coxon/Tove Lo)
4 ANNIVERSARY 5:18 (DD/Alkan/Coxon)
5 FUTURE PAST 3:52 (DD/Alkan/Coxon)
6 VELVET NEWTON 2:40 (DD/Coxon)
7 BEAUTIFUL LIES 3:36 (DD/Moroder)
8 TONIGHT UNITED 3:07 (DD/Moroder)
9 WING 5:19 (DD/Ronson/Coxon)
10 NOTHING LESS 4:25 (DD/Alkan)
11 LAUGHING BOY 4:55 (DD/Coxon)
12 HAMMERHEAD (ft. Ivorian Doll) 3:33 (DD/Jennings/Layton/Mahi)
13 INVOCATION 2:08 (DD/Alkan/Coxon)
14 MORE JOY! (ft. CHAI) 3:39 (DD/Alkan/Coxon)
15 FALLING (ft. Mike Garson) 5:47 (DD/Alkan)


  1. INVISIBLE (May 19th 2021)
  2. MORE JOY! (ft. CHAI) (August 5th 2021)
  3. ANNIVERSARY (August 31st 2021)
  4. TONIGHT UNITED (September 24th 2021)
  5. GIVE IT ALL UP (ft. Tove Lo) (October 20th 2021)
  6. LAUGHING BOY (February 9th 2022)
  7. ALL OF YOU - ??

Chart positions[]

Year Chart Position
2021 Billboard US Independent Top 100 Albums 2
Billboard US 200 Albums Chart 28
Billboard Artists Top 100 Chart 24
UK Independent Top 50 Albums Chart 1
UK Top 100 Albums Chart 3
Argentina Top 100 Albums Chart 1
iTunes Argentina Top 100 Albums Chart 1
iTunes Netherlands Top 100 Albums Chart 1
iTunes Greece Top 100 Albums Chart 1
iTunes Czech Republic Top 100 Albums Chart 1
iTunes Lithuania Top 100 Albums Chart 1
iTunes Slovakia Top 100 Albums Chart 1
iTunes Luxembourg Top 100 Albums Chart 1
iTunes New Zealand Top 100 Albums Chart 2
iTunes Portugal Top 100 Albums Chart 2
iTunes Finland Top 100 Albums Chart 2
iTunes Denmark Top 100 Albums Chart 2
iTunes Turkey Top 100 Albums Chart 2
iTunes Hungary Top 100 Albums Chart 2
iTunes U.K Top 100 Albums Chart 3
iTunes U.S Top 100 Albums Chart 3
iTunes Italy Top 100 Albums Chart 3
iTunes Canada Top 100 Albums Chart 3
iTunes Norway Top 100 Albums Chart 3
iTunes Ireland Top 100 Albums Chart 3
iTunes Australia Top 100 Albums Chart 4
iTunes Mexico Top 100 Albums Chart 4
Germany Top 100 Albums Chart 8
Netherlands Top 100 Albums Chart 9
Italy Top 100 Albums Chart 10
Belgium Top 100 Album Chart 16
Australia Top 100 Albums Chart 16
Finland Top 100 Albums Chart 21
New Zealand Top 100 Albums Chart 35
Canada Top 100 Albums Chart 53

Sources: i-tunes, U.S Indi, U.S 200, UK Indi, Argentina.


Duran Duran are:


Deluxe Booklet CreditsFPinside2
  • Graham Coxon - songwriter/lead guitar (tracks: 2-5 (2-6), 8(9), 11 (13-14) - (Sony/ATV Music Publishing (UK) Limited (PRS))
  • Michael Garson - piano (track 12 (15))
  • Giorgio Moroder - additional keyboards (track 6(7), 7(8))
  • Mark Ronson - guitar (track 8 (9))
  • Barli - vocals, (track 2, 6(7), 10(12))
  • Tove Lo - vocals, (track 3)
  • Saffron Le Bon - additional vocals, (track 7(8), 9(10), 10(12))
  • Ivorian Doll/Vanessa Mahi - vocals, (track 10(12))
  • Christopher Layton - percussion, (track 10(12))
  • Lei Jennings - percussion, (track 10(12))
  • CHAI (Mana, Kana, Yuuki, Yuna) - vocals (track 11 (14))


All tracks written by Duran Duran (Skin Divers/Warner Chappell Music (PRS/ASCAP))

  • Erol Alkan - producer (tracks: 1, 3-5, 9(10), 11 (14), 13) - (Phantasy Sound/Bucks Music Group Ltd (PRS))
  • Mark Ronson - producer (track 8 (9)) - (Zelig c/o Concord Music (BMI))
  • Giorgio Moroder - producer (tracks: 6-7 (7-8)) - (Giorgio Moroder Publishing (ASCAP))
  • Engineered and Recorded by Joshua (Josh) Blair
  • Additional Engineer: Ritchie Kennedy
  • Assistant Engineers: Tom Herbert and Ed Farrell
  • Pro Tools Programming: Joshua Blair
  • Additional Keyboard and Drum Machine Programming: Erol Alkan (tracks: 1-5 (1-6), 9-12 (10-15))
  • String Arrangements, Piano (tracks 1-2), Guitar (track 7 (8)) - Joshua Blair
  • Tove Lo Vocals: Recorded by Peter Karisson, engineering by Cory Bioe.
  • Art Direction: Rory McCartney (Modern Construct)
  • Cover and interior booklet photographs: Daisuke Yokota, of Akio Nagasawa Gallery
  • Band Portraits: Nick Rhodes
  • Executive Producer: Wendy Laister
  • Management: Wendy Laister and Sharon Cho, for Magus Entertainment

Special Thanks

Includes: Yasmin, Gela, Gisella and Nefer. Wendy, Sharon and Katy Krassner. Paul Maxwell. Tour team: Dominic Brown, Anna Ross, Simon Willescroft, Erin Stevenson. Gavin Elder, Sylvia Bates, Tatjana Rhodes, Francisca Moroder, Mana, Kana, Yuuki, Yuna, and Nick Wood.

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