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Funio Obata
Background information
Born Japan
Occupation Illustrator
Years active 2000s-present
Associated acts Duran Duran

Fumio Obata is a Japanese illustrator, whose work has included illustrations for Duran Duran animes.


Fumio was born in Japan and has lived in the UK since 1991. Always fond of drawing, he grew up reading vast amount of comics most of the time and at school his exercise books were full of cartoon sketches.

After moving away from his native Tokyo he spent four years at a boarding school in Gloucestershire, UK and later studied illustration at Glasgow School of Art between 1996 to 1999. Fumio studied multi-media at the Royal College of Art in London (2001 and 2003), where he finally decided to pursue his career in animation and pictorial story telling.

His work has included the main illustrations for an anime used as a backdrop to "Careless Memories" during Duran Duran's Reunion Tour. He also created an anime to "Nice" for The Astronaut Tour.

Other work includes the flash animation ‘Crouching Ox and Hidden Rooster’ created with two other animators for the website of ‘WSPA’ - World Society of Protection of Animals in London.