Background information
Origin Birmingham, UK
Band members Marco Silver/Roger Taylor
Genre electronic, dance, drum & bass
Years active 1997-1998
Associated acts Duran Duran

Freebass was a British electronic dance band, formed in Birmingham (UK).

History Edit

Twelve years after leaving Duran Duran, Roger Taylor formed Freebass in Birmingham (UK) during May 1997, with Marco silver In May that year the band played some gigs in Birmingham, and then recorded an album two months later during July. Many of these songs performed later featured on the band's only single "Love Is Like Oxygen", a song originally released in the 1970s by the British glam rock group Sweet. The single was released to UK radio stations in early November, with the planned release date later that month. But because of very little radio play the single was pushed back and eventually issued in January 1998. In January the single was released in the UK and placed in the UK Music Week top ten chart, but the band broke up during the month.

From own initiative Marco Silver formed "Freebass" as a band and limited company.Members included Roger Taylor (Duran Duran) Jake Roberts and guest vocalists. The group were successful in production and release of own music and live stage shows and were signed to Cleveland City Records, achieved a number 1 hit in the club charts. 2012 Now Known as Free Bass Inc. Currently working on new tracks and collaborations.Personally responsible for design and circulation of promotional material including video, posters, album covers and all other aspects of producing and marketing a contemporary band.

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Freebass are:

Discography Edit

Singles Edit

Year Title Format Label Listings
1997 Oxygen (promo) 10" Cleveland City Records CLE 13046 110
1997 Oxygen 10" Freeflow Records FLOW 3/10
1998 Love Is Like Oxygen CD, Maxi Single Orange Records ORCDM