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instrumental by Patrick O'Hearn
Released 1995
Genre Ambient
Length 6:17 minutes
Label Deep Cave Records
Writer Patrick O'Hearn
Producer Patrick O'Hearn
Patrick O'Hearn

"Firefly" is an instrumental track mistakenly attributed to Duran Duran on some Duran Duran bootleg albums.

The track is actually "Liberty" by Patrick O'Hearn, an intrumental released on his Grammy-nominated album Trust by Deep Cave Records in 1995.

About the instrumental

The instrumental features Warren Cuccurullo performing guitar.

Cuccurullo's involvement and the instrumental title "Liberty" suggests that the track was mistaken for an unreleased Duran Duran demo from the Liberty sessions, leading to its inclusion on the bootleg compilation Incroyable Liberty.

It may even have been acquired (from O'Hearn or Cuccurullo) as a demo, since Incroyable appears to have been released in the early 1990s during a hiatus in O'Hearn's career and well before Trust was published in 1995.




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