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Feelings Are Good & Other Lies
John Taylor Feelings Are Good
album by John Taylor
Released 1997
Recorded 1996-97
Genre Hard Rock, Alternative Rock, Punk Rock
Length 45:30
Label DeMuzik Records, Revolver Records
Producer Hein Hoven
2001 re-issue album cover
John Taylor Feelings Are Good Revolver
John Taylor

Feelings Are Good And Other Lies is the debut solo album by John Taylor, released by DeMuzik in 1997. The album was later re-released in on the Revolver label with a new cover in 2001.

About the album[]

This was John Taylor's first solo project after leaving Duran Duran in January 1997, in which he writes and performs all the tracks.

The album was originally marketed by mail order relying on word-of-mouth among Duran fanzines and online communities, but released later on a large record label.

During this period Taylor was struggling to end his long addiction to drink and drugs, a problem he wrote about in the song "Trust The Process". The title track "Feelings R Good" was included on a Japanese only record label sampler CD, issued in November 1996.

The original 1997 version features front cover photography by Mario Sorrenti.

Track listing[]

  1. "Feelings R Good" (3:03)
  2. "Don't Talk Much" (3:37)
  3. "2:03" (1:57)
  4. "Everyone Is Getting It But Me" (4:11)
  5. "Always Wrong" (3:07)
  6. "Look Homeward Angel" (4:10)
  7. "Losing You" (3:13)
  8. "See You Again" (2:55)
  9. "Down Again" (2:10)
  10. "Girl Raw" (4:02)
  11. "Hole In The Mud" (4:37)
  12. "Trust The Process" (8:28)
  13. "Full Moon Over Atlanta" ('hidden' track on CD versions and called "Encore For Bean" on cassette versions)


Also credited:

  • Hein Hoven - Mixing
  • Nick Egan - Art direction
  • Mario Sorrenti - Photography
  • Julie Verona - Photography
  • Roger Mayne - Cover photo (2001 re-issue)
  • Eddy Schreyer - Mastering
  • Eric Ruffing - Design