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Fast Foreward: The Power Station
Fast foreward magazine capitol records duran duran
promotional-only magazine
Published Spring 1985
Genre Pop, Rock, Information
Length 34-pages
Label Fast Foreward
Producer Capitol Records / EMI America
The Power Station

Fast Foreward: The Power Station is a promotional-only 34-page magazine, published by Capitol Records / EMI America during spring 1985.

About the magazine[]

This is a record company only magazine, issued in the USA to promote The Power Station's debut album The Power Station.

The magazine features front cover photography by Brian Aris, who worked with Duran Duran several years earlier. Inside there are other photos featuring John and Andy Taylor, plus an 'Inside Track' page with key words describing The Power Station such as 'hot guitars' and 'done on a whim'.

Also included are around a dozen pictures and information about Katrina and the Waves.


The Power Station are: