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Falling Down Mixes
Falling down mixes duran duran duran
promo single by Duran Duran
Released 2007
Recorded 2007
Genre Pop, Dance
Length 4, 7, 8 tracks
Label RCA, Masterpiece
Producer various
Sébastien Léger Dub
Sébastien Léger Radio Mix

Falling Down Mixes is a promotional-only Duran Duran single, released RCA and Masterpiece during 2007.

About the single[]

This was a very limited single, issued in a plastic slipcase with a white title insert to DJs, radio stations and music reviewers. There were several version released, including a 4-track on the RCA record label and a 7-track by Masterpiece.

Featured on the RCA 8-track is the Radio Mix by French house DJ and producer Sébastien Léger, a recording which appears on various bootlegs such as Falling Down: Remixes.

"Falling Down" was first (and only) single from Red Carpet Massacre and the last song recorded for the album.

Track listing[]

RCA 8-track[]

  1. "Falling Down" - Sébastien Léger Vocal Mix
  2. "Falling Down" - Sébastien Léger Dub
  3. "Falling Down" - T-empo Main Mix
  4. "Falling Down" - Freeks Main Mix
  5. "Falling Down" - Ashanti Boys Main Mix
  6. "Falling Down" - Freeks Instrumental
  7. "Falling Down" - Sébastien Léger Radio Mix
  8. "Falling Down" - Original Mix


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