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FMQB: CD Aircheck Volume 25
Fmqb cd aircheck volume 25 duran duran
compilation album
Country USA Dbi flag usa
Catalogue no. unknown
Label FMQB Rock
Format CD, promo
Length 17 tracks
Released 1996
Genre Pop, Rock
Producer various
reverse cover
Duran duran neurotic outsiders angelina
featuring Neurotic Outsiders

FMQB: CD Aircheck Volume 25 - Morning Sickness '96 is a promotional-only compilation album featuring Neurotic Outsiders, released in the USA by FMQB Rock during 1996.

About the album[]

The album is a collection of songs by various artists, issued with liner-notes to the press/radio outlets and was never available to the general public. The CD was released by Friday Morning Quarterback (better known as FMQB), which is a glossy monthly trade magazine that covers the Radio and Music industries in the United States.

The compilation includes Neurotic Outsiders' "Angelina", a song written and sung by Steve Jones which is the most obvious radio-friendly track on the Neurotic Outsiders album.

Track listing[]

  1. Christopher Rude & the Wake-Up Crew, WKLS / Atlanta
  2. "Nothing At All" - Third Day
  3. "Greedy Fly" - Bush
  4. The Brother Wease Morning Circus, WCMF / Rochester
  5. "Outtasite (Outta Mind)" - Wilco
  6. "Angelina" - Neurotic Outsiders
  7. "Hope in a Hopeless World" - Widespread Panic
  8. The Dawn Patrol, WEBN / Cincinnati
  9. "Stoned" - Redd Kross
  10. "Rags to Rags" (Remix) - The Eels
  11. Dave, Shelly, & Chainsaw, KIOZ / San Diego
  12. "Gravity" - Nuno
  13. "My Blood" - Protein
  14. "Ruby Waits" - Punching Judy
  15. Mason & Sheehan, WPYX / Albany
  16. "The Freshmen" (Mix 1) - The Verve Pipe
  17. "The Freshmen" (Album Edit) - The Verve Pipe