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El Gringo Retro
El gringo retro luke morley duran duran
album by Luke Morley
Released 2001
Recorded 2001
Genre Pop, Rock
Length 14 tracks
Label Toshiba-EMI
Producer Luke Morley
Andy Taylor
featuring Andy Taylor

El Gringo Retro is the debut solo album by Luke Morley, released by Toshiba-EMI in 2001. The album features Andy Taylor.

About the album[]

The album is by Luke Morley, who is best known as the lead guitarist, chief songwriter and producer with rock band Thunder.

Andy Taylor performs guitar on four tracks including "Can't Stop The Rain" and "Quiet Life", two songs previously released on The Spanish Sessions EP in 1999. All songs were also co-written by Taylor.

Track listing[]


All tracks written by Morley and Taylor unless otherwise stated:

  1. "Go With The Flow"
  2. "This World"
  3. "Loving You (Is All I Can Do)"
  4. "Can't Stop The Rain" (Part 1 + 2)
  5. "This Letter"
  6. "One Drop"
  7. "Quiet Life"
  8. "A Face In The Crowd"
  9. "Road To Paradise" (Parts 1 & 2) (Morley, Taylor, Ben Matthews)
  10. "Sacred Cow"
  11. "Waste of Time"
  12. "The First Day"
  13. "Love Will Find Away"
  14. "El Gringo Retro"