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EP Collection
All you need is now duran duran ep collection
compilation album
Released unknown
Recorded 1980s
Genre Pop
Length 19 tracks
Label unofficial
Producer various
reverse cover
All you need is now duran duran ep collection back
Duran Duran

EP Collection is an unofficial compilation album, featuring a collection of recordings from four Duran Duran 12" vinyl EPs.

About the album[]

All the tracks featured on the album were originally released on EPs in various countries during the 1980s.

The compilation includes the full length David Kershenbaum remix of "Hold Back The Rain", which features more prominent guitars than the B-side version of the "Save A Prayer" 12" single.

Also included is the "New Religion" (Carnival Version), a remix that is mainly instrumental and was exclusive to the Japan/Taiwan release of Carnival until the 1999 Strange Behaviour remix album.

Track listing[]

Nite Romantics[]

  1. "Planet Earth" (Night Version)
  2. "Khanada"
  3. "Fame"
  4. "Girls on Film" (Night Version)


  1. "Rio" (Part Two)
  2. "My Own Way" (Night Version)
  3. "Hungry Like The Wolf" (Night Version)
  4. "New Religion" (Carnival Version)
  5. "Hold Back the Rain" (12" Remix)

Tiger! Tiger![]

  1. "The Reflex" (Dance Mix)
  2. "Union of the Snake" (Monkey Mix)
  3. "Is There Something I Should Know?"
  4. "Tiger Tiger" (Remix)

Strange Behavior[]

  1. "Notorious" (Extended Mix)
  2. "Skin Trade" (Stretch Mix)
  3. "We Need You"
  4. "Notorious" (Latin Rascals Mix)
  5. "Skin Trade"
  6. "A View To A Kill"