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EMI Sampler: Vol. 4
Emi sampler vol. 4 duran duran 3
compilation album
Country Korea 800px-Flag of South Korea.svg
Catalogue no. unknown
Label EMI
Format CD
Length 13 tracks
Released 1995
Genre Pop, Rock
Producer various
reverse cover & liner-notes
Emi sampler vol.4 duran duran 1
Emi sampler vol.4 duran duran 2
featuring Duran Duran

EMI Sampler: Vol. 4 is a promotional-only compilation album featuring Duran Duran, released in Korea by EMI during 1995.

About the album[]

This is a sampler CD featuring a collection of songs by various artists, issued with liner-notes detailing each track and the 1995 albums they were taken from.

The compilation includes Duran Duran's cover version of Lou Reed's "Perfect Day", taken from the Thank You album. This track features Roger Taylor performing drums, nine years after he left Duran Duran and six years before he rejoined the band.

Track listing[]

  1. "How Deep Is Your Love" - Portrait
  2. "I Can See Clearly Now" - Holly Cole Trio
  3. "Viva La Megababes" - Shampoo
  4. "Fake Plastic Trees" - Radiohead
  5. "Perfect Day" - Duran Duran
  6. "Someone To Love" - Sean Maguire
  7. "Edge of Time" - Scorpions
  8. "Mea Culpa" - Mike & The Mechanics
  9. "And On And On And On" - Janet Jackson
  10. "Toccata And Fugue In D" - Vanessa Mae
  11. "25 Minutes" - Michael Learns To Rock
  12. "Mishale" - Andru Donalds
  13. "I Believe" - Blessid Union Of Souls


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