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EMI Records
Background information
Parent company EMI
Founded 1972
Distributing label EMI Records (in the UK)
Genre UK
Country of origin UK
Official website http://www.emirecords.com
record label

EMI Records is a record label, founded by the EMI company in 1972 as the successor to its Columbia label. The global success that EMI had enjoyed with pop music in the 1960s exposed the fact that EMI only had the rights to some of its trademarks in some parts of the world, most notably His Master's Voice and Columbia, with RCA Victor Records and the American Columbia Records owning the rights to these trademarks in North America. Complicating matters was the formation by American Columbia of its own operations in the UK by purchasing Oriole Records and changing its name to that of its then parent company CBS (the legal trademark designation bearing the full name of the parent company, "Trade Mark of Columbia Broadcasting System, Inc."), and becoming highly successful, a serious rival to EMI, in the UK.

EMI Records picked up the English Columbia roster and signed new acts that would become global successes, such as Kajagoogoo, Kraftwerk, Queen, Olivia Newton-John, Iron Maiden, Kate Bush, Sheena Easton and Robbie Williams.

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