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Dusk and Dawn
Dust and Dawn tracklist.png
album by Duran Duran
Country UK Union-jack2.jpg
Catalogue no. unlisted
Label none
Format Cassette
Length 6 tracks?
Year of production 1979
Genre Pop
Producer Duran Duran
Duran Duran

Dusk and Dawn is an unreleased Duran Duran album, recorded in the UK during 1979.

About the album[]

Seeing the Human League for the first time was a turning point for this early incarnation of Duran Duran. John and Nick saw them supporting Siouxsie and the Banshees at the Mayfair Ballroom in Birmingham's Bullring shopping centre and watched in stunned, amazed silence. They had no drummer, no guitars. The band had three synthesizers and a drum machine instead.

John Taylor wrote in his autobiography In the Pleasure Groove, that what made for a much more exciting proposition than for him to attempt to teach Nick guitar was to get hold of a synthesizer and make that his instrument.

Nick's mother, Sylvia made a £200 purchase of the first Wasp synthesizer to arrive in Birmingham, at Woodroffee's music store. It was the best investment she ever made.

They also bought a Kay rhythm box for £15. It had presets such as 'mambo', 'foxtrot', 'slow rock' and 'walzt'. So with Nick controlling the keys, setting the tempo and pushing the buttons on the Kay, Stephen Duffy singing and on bass, and John on guitar, the three made their first ever recording on a cassette tape in the space above Nick's mother's toy shop. This was the resulting album called Dusk and Dawn. The trio named the band Duran Duran.

The album cover features a black-and-white photo-copy of a New York streetscape shot on long exposure, car lights trailing down Park Avenue. In the top right right-hand corner, a photo of the three members of Duran Duran.

Track listing[]

  1. "Soundtrack"
  2. "Aztec Moon Rich"
  3. "Take (the Lines and the Shadow)"
  4. "Hold Me" / "Pose Me"
  5. "Alucien Melody"
  6. "Hawks Don't Share"

Also listed as:

  1. "Soundtrack" (Toy Room to Tokyo)
  2. "Hawks Don't Share"
  3. "Aztec Moon Rich"
  4. "Kiss Me" / "Pose Me"
  5. "A Lucien Melody"
  6. "Metropolis"
  7. "Lost Decade"
  8. "Soundtrack II"


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