Duran Duran Wiki
Song Movie Movie Release Date
"A View to a Kill" A View To A Kill 1985
"All She Wants Is" Monster 2003
"All She Wants Is" Tequila Sunrise 1988
"Come Undone" Jetzt oder nie Zeit ist Geld
aka Now or Never, Time is Money
"Do You Believe in Shame?" Tequila Sunrise 1988
"Hungry Like the Wolf" Big Fat Liar 2002
"Hungry Like the Wolf" Hot Dog...The Movie 1984
"Hungry Like the Wolf" Old School 2003
"Hungry Like the Wolf" Shrek 2
"Far Far Away Idol" bonus feature
"Hungry Like the Wolf" Small Sacrifices TV movie 1989
"Hungry Like the Wolf" Take Me Home Tonight 2011
"I Do What I Do"
(John Taylor)
9 1/2 Weeks 1986
"Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me)" Threesome 1994
"Notorious" Donnie Darko 2001
"Ordinary World" Layer Cake 2004
"Out of My Mind" The Saint 1997
"Planet Earth" Free Enterprise: Love Long and Profit 1998
"Say The Word"
Playing for Keeps 1986
"Serious" Twogether 1994
(John Taylor)
Mi Vida Loca 1993
"Some Like It Hot"
(Power Station)
European Vacation 1985
"Someone Else, Not Me" Tangled  ?
"Thank You" With Honors 1994
"The Reflex" American Wedding
aka American Pie 3''
"The Reflex" Corky Romano 2001
"Violence of Summer" trailer for Snowboarding  ?
"First Impression" trailer for Snowboarding  ?
"We Fight For Love"
(Power Station)
Commando 1985