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The Duran Duran Wiki is a place for fans to work together to collect everything that is known about Duran Duran. Given time, we can document every concert, every album, every song, every bootleg, every book, and every important person who has ever worked with the band!

There is a lot of information scattered on various Duran Duran websites, many of which have become neglected by their owners over time; together, we can gather this information into a living document that all of us can help to maintain. Please help to contribute what you know, and make information and music easier for other fans to find!



The Duran Duran Wiki was first brought into existence by the Wikia Community Team in May 2006. Since its creation, the wiki has been upheld by the likes of CatherineMunro, a former Community Team member, the iconic Wombat0121, and various other editors. The Duran Duran Wiki currently has 10,965 articles and 26,248 image, video and audio files, and the quality and quantity of the content covered in relation to Duran Duran is constantly expanding.


In March 2018 the wiki's biggest contributor, Wombat0121, stopped posting updates. The reason is unknown. Perhaps due a quiet point in the bands career?


While using the wiki for research, Dan7609 started updating the wiki in August 2020, mainly the timeline. He added pages for 2020 and 2021, many video links to youtube, and colour coded the timeline entries to make it easier to navigate.


After a year of updating the wiki, Dan7609 became an administrator in September 2021. Thanks to Kirsty. He restored the background image, and added lots of new links to the top navigation bars. Tribute Bands now have their own category.


PocketDemon is made a Bureaucrat after two years of adding pages, photos, and information to the wiki, and showing he is a sensible and loyal contributor. Dan7609 updated the home page, now with more photos, and larger album covers; which go to their respective album pages when clicked. Added Spotify playlists to home page, and some official music videos to pages about Future Past and Rio.

Current Moderators

Dan7609 - Admin and Moderation - Active User
Kirsty - Admin and Moderation - Semi-Active User
PocketDemon - Bureaucrat - Semi-Active User